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Welcome to Alpha Kennels Australia, Home to the American Bully & American Staffordshire Terrier

Alpha Kennels Australia is situated on 300 acres of beautiful lush farming paradise, just 15 minutes out of Albany Western Australia. 


Here at Alpha Kennels, we take pride in producing healthy, quality,  life long family pets. Our main focus is temperament and health along with structure and overall soundness of the breed. 


We are a family run kennel who takes pride in socializing our puppies from birth all the way until they leave us at eight weeks old. 


This is not our full-time job, This is our passion that we started over 20 years ago. All of our dogs on our property are considered family and we strive to keep a very household environment.


We have put blood, sweat and tears into our program as well as a lot of money and we hope that you can enjoy this beautiful breed with us.


Alpha Kennels Australia

Alpha Kennels Australia

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