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Chopper - Stud


American Staffordshire Terrier 

Chopper was the very first dog I had ever owned that was pedigree papered dog, I got him when I was 17 years old. He was the most loving and loyal dog id ever had. He was always stuck to my side day in and day out. 

I had a visions of producing a bloodline, a best friend just like him and that’s how Alpha Kennels Australia started.

He was my foundation male and produced some outstanding puppies in his lifetime and has set up my American Staffordshire Terrier program. 

We continue to use his linage even after he has passed and will forever keep his memory alive.


My final goodbyes 

I don’t know how to write this, I’ve been putting it off for days!

😞 REST in Paradise My Boy 😭 

Many dogs come and go but you were THE ORIGINAL, The OG of Alpha Kennels, 

😭 I spend 8 Years with you ❤️

My F I R S T  American Staffy 🥇 My first love ❤️ 

The dog that was there through breakups & hard times, the only one to keep my mind off things and would listen without saying too much ☺️Through all those teenage years you were there for me! 

You were truly a woman’s best friend, 

A stubborn di@kh#*d at times 🤣 But none the less you were the BEST dog I’ve ever had! 

No dog will ever come close 💔💔

You were Loved & admired by M A N Y, CHOPPER the True LEGEND🙏🏽 💖 You will always be in my heart, you will never be forgotten 😔

Your legacy go’s on through your puppies, 

To anyone who has a pup from our beautiful boy please give them an cuddle for us tonight.

Missing you already ❤️ until we meet again.. 

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